Wheel Throwing Bowls

Wheel Throwing Bowls

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  • Use color, open forms, texture, and rhythm to create dynamic forms
  • Use a pottery wheel
  • Create functional objects
  • Use mixed building methods

There were multiple parts to this project. Particularly 3 different sections.

Section 1:

  • Throw 15 high walled open form bowls (opening 6-8 in. diameter)
  • Be wheel trimmed

Section 2:

  • 4 of the 15 need to relate in surface design & volume & also be wheel trimmed

Section 3:

  • Using the other forms leftover after section 2, create two closed vessel forms with handles (inspired from other cultures)
  • Define intention for figure


To plan the two structures I put together some bowls until I got two shapes I liked and related in shape somewhat. After that I made some sketches from that to decide where I wanted to go from there.

I got texture inspiration from Dasha Ptitsami on an Etsy shop. (pictured below)

Pictures of my planning can be found here.


For a couple of weeks we were introduced to wheel throwing and practiced that for awhile. I ended up creating a little over 15 bowls using the wheel and trimmed a handful of them. I added texture with a carving tool on two of them, and left one smooth. After that we had glazed them (making sure to use wax resist on the bottoms).

After my planning & sketching I connected each of the bowls to create smooth services. Paying attention to edges and creases. After I had the shape I wanted I then used some ceramics tools to carve into the outside to create different textures. To make the handles I had a chunk of clay and slowly pulled it downward (making sure to use a good amount of water while doing this throughout) to create a handle shape.

Process pictures can be found HERE. 🙂


Overall, I am pleased with the two vessels I created. I wanted them both to be similar in shape, which I believe I accomplished. I created a dynamic figure by repeating texture throughout. Some places having a bit of rhythm. On the top of the taller vessel I tried to gesture a flower on the top.

Throughout my process however, I didn’t pay enough attention to where I was creating space for air to travel through my piece so I had to create hole in my piece when it was bone dry. Some areas are also slanted when I didn’t want them to be. My poorly made bowls were hard to work with when trying to keep things the same. But, it was my first time using the wheel so I had to work with the best I could do.

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