Personal Learning Network

Personal Learning Network

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A personal learning network (PLN) is a way to engage with people in your field. To share your ideas, learn from other’s and make connections. It also helps your mind to keep growing; keeping you updated on what’s new within your field.

This semester at Plymouth State University I am getting ready to graduate with an undergraduate degree in expressive arts.

I would like to utilize a PLN to:

  • Meet people who are studying in the same field as me
  • Learn new things from other’s in the same field as me
  • Hear from people who are already out in the work force
  • Share my work & ideas with others


I will accomplish this through social media. I will continue to work on my twitter account. I would also like to create an instagram page solely for educational and professional use.


Every week I will be active on my account (@easypassion1). Following a few new people that only relate to what I am studying. I will retweet and reply to other’s, providing feedback or my insight. This also helps bring other’s attention to my page. Hopefully getting more engagement from other’s as well. Lastly, I will post my own tweets each week. Some examples would be updating where I am at in my studies, or sharing research I have found helpful. This allows my account to be of use to other’s.


My hope for this is to grow the audience I have now on these two platforms, learn, share, and connect with other’s in my field throughout the course of this fall semester.

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