Intellectual Journey

Intellectual Journey

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I have grown my intellect throughout my twenty-one years a couple of different ways. Some examples are:

  • Learning from parents
  • Learning from guardians
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Education

From a young age my parents made some poor decisions. Over the years this lead me to reflect and gain knowledge about things I do not want to be or do.

Then when looking up to my guardians in later years, I had learned everyday tasks. Balancing life, learning rules, chores, etc. I had a functional family to look up to and set an example for me.

Throughout elementary, high school, and college, I have been growing my intellect by reading. I used to love reading fictional books. Every once in awhile getting caught up in a non-fictional history story. And in college I sometimes have literature circles in my classes.

Journaling has been a skill I have used on and off since a young age. I use this to write down how I’m feeling, how my day went, my goals, my plans to reach goals, etc.

So far, all throughout my life I have been actively furthering my education through academic classes. I have a liberal arts background.

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