Dynamic Form – Ceramic Exploration (Flower Vase)

Dynamic Form – Ceramic Exploration (Flower Vase)

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Final form before firing
Final form before firing
Final form before firing
Final form before firing


  • Create a dynamic for that is taller than it is wide
  • At least 12 inches high. No more than 15 in.
  • Texture
  • Additive & subtractive surfaces
  • Hollow
  • Use coil & slab techniques
  • Contrasting forms
  • Engage viewers from all sides

Research and planning:

Before starting this project I figured out what I wanted this forms purpose to be. Which is a flower vase.

I did out some sketches of what I wanted my form to look like, and also looked up different textures on Pinterest.



To create this form I had a slab of clay and traced out the bottom shape I wanted to build from and then used coil building on top of that to create this structure. Making sure to slip and score before attaching each piece. I smoothed out the coils on the outside, and left them showing on the inside. I found that bringing the coils together in different directions helpful in getting out bumps.

Process of smoothing out the outside
Process of smoothing out form, and adding additive/subtractive forms

Once I had the form I added different shapes and textures to draw in the viewers eye. I tried to keep things balanced and unified by spreading out the different shapes and textures. Often times I created shapes that lead the viewers eye in a certain direction to something else on the piece.

To help make it more dynamic I tried to incorporate organic shapes in different directions, instead of keeping them linear. I also repeated different textures and patterns throughout.

I added a couple small slab pieces off of the structure. I thought this could be used to hold small objects, such as tiny nick-knacks, or tiny flowers. This also helped the structure have more movement instead of being static. The round piece curving at the top of the piece was also created to help give the piece more movement.


Overall, I am pleased with what I created. It came out in the way I was envisioning. Throughout the process I struggled with it being static, and found different ways to overcome that. To do that I would spin the piece making sure to take all four sides into account, reflecting on the elements of design and requirements for the project. I also, referred back to the different textures I had in mind to help build on my marine life theme.

If I were to do anything differently I would have talked to more people about what I was thinking of creating. I would have liked to show my sketches to more people, and get their opinions, or maybe even possible ideas.

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