Do numbers in a bank account make people happy?

Do numbers in a bank account make people happy?

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I believe that money can help make people feel more secure in the United States. However, I don’t believe it is the core of what makes people happy.

In the United States we need money in order to have health care, food, and shelter. Which are things I believe make us happy. You can’t be happy without having adequate healthcare, and a place to live and food.

However the levels of these differs for everyone (for food and housing at least). I don’t think having an extravagant meal, or mansion will make someone happy. It certainly offers luxuries.

But, I think what makes people happy is determined by their own values and goals. This is different for everyone. I think many people are unhappy because they don’t know their values or goals. If you at least know these two things you can have something to work towards.

Having money to afford the basic needs diminishes stress. If a person can’t afford basic needs then I think stress from not being able to support their well being would then become a strain on their happiness. Because this affects their quality of life.

But, I don’t think an ample amount of money is what makes a person happy. I think that what makes a person happy is knowing oneself, and having support and connection. To know your values, what you want in life, gives you confidence and comfort. It gives you purpose and meaning, rather than being lost and not knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I also think support and connection within the relationships you have and your community lead to happiness. I think people are more fulfilled when they have healthy relationships in their lives, and feeling a part of something.

If a community is welcoming, loving, accepting, and supportive of one another and you are a part of it. You have a sense of belonging, and being able to contribute, and also receive from them creates a sense of security.

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