An Art Professor’s Thoughts

An Art Professor’s Thoughts

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Talking to other’s about topics and picking at each others brains can help create new ideas, get away from repetitive ways, and evolve. Especially those you admire because you can hear different perspectives and gain wise insight.

I chose to hear the thoughts of my favorite art professor I have had so far at Plymouth State. He has a wide variety of experience teaching at Plymouth State, as he started out part time and helped out wherever needed. This lead him to teaching a wide range of classes. I have taken a drawing and painting class with him and really enjoyed them and learned so much as an artist.

At the beginning of his career he did not want to be a teacher, but soon saw how difficult it is to make a stable living as an artist.

He says every teacher has their strengths and weaknesses. He enjoys teaching because he can get into students heads and get a better understanding of what they are working on. Also, having empathy for what they are going through because of his years of experience as an artist himself. He views this ability as his strength, as he can really connect with his students one on one.

Outside of teaching he still makes new art frequently. In his own work, he is always researching and looking at other artists for inspiration.

By: Pimthida

Finding interest in the thought about primal fundamentals in art. Such as, what draws people to like certain things about art?

His work cannot be condensed down to one specific theme as he is constantly trying new things to challenge himself and grow. Right now he is very interested in making people feel something through his work, using color, markings and different languages.

Aside from his own work he’s mostly worked with curators and galleries when putting together shows and so on. He would be open to working on a project with someone else outside of his field, but is very busy and the opportunity has never arose.

The most collaborative thing he has done was with one of his painting classes. They had meetings with the Theater department to create artwork for the show.

Working with other’s lets you network, and come up with innovative ideas. Or in this case, help a project come together.  He says that it is important to work with others to get yourself and work out there, and network especially.

Photo by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Over time you will begin to meet more and more people that say they have seen your work or have heard of you.

Some advice he gave to aspiring artists is to always be putting their work into shows, to get used to rejection, and always push yourself with new challenges to grow as an artist. It is very important to grow your audience. Many times your work will not be accepted but always go for it because you never know what could happen. And it’s not always that your work is bad, it may just not fit the theme of what a show is trying to have.

Overall, it’s good to build up a thick skin when it comes to your artwork because there is always going to be people who have different views. Having a thicker skin allows you to keep pushing your creativity and doesn’t let fears or not feeling good enough stop you. If you take everything personally and listen to what everyone says it will cripple the progress of your work.

By: Anthony Easton

In the end, it is beneficial to work with people inside and outside of your field to learn new things and get yourself out there in the world.

If a student were thinking about taking classes outside of their field, he recommended to whatever classes they were passionate about. Because no matter what it may be, if they are interested in it, it can or will influence their work and more knowledge the better. Having a wider and more diverse knowledge base only helps.

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  1. Robin DeRosa Reply

    This is great! Did your professor choose to remain anonymous? If so, maybe mention that at the outset just so it doesn’t feel so awkward that he is not mentioned by name here (obviously if he did not choose to remain anonymous, you should include his name and a bit more about him!).

    I love the interview, and also the small reflections that you pepper in along the way, like “Talking to other’s about topics and picking at each others brains help to create new ideas, get away from repetitive ways, and helps you evolve.” And you uncover some really great pieces of advice along the way: “It can be good to work with others to network, and come up with unique ideas that wouldn’t have come up without such collaboration.” I enjoyed reading this!

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